Skate Duffel

Sustainabley made and designed skate duffel has a modular design and is constructed from locally sourced materials.


Cork Duffel Dark Tan

This large vegan travel duffel is designed for the adventurous skateboarder. It’s made of durable cork textile, an alternative to animal based products.


Cork Duffel Natural Tan

The duffel comes in two tones, dark tan and natural. The bag is made of cork and hemp, choices which were made with the environment in mind.


Removable Wheel Wells

Wheel wells which pop out so you can wheel your bag through an airport or the subway.


Natural Fibers

Guilt free use with construction in durable cork as an ethical alternative to leather.


Modular Design

Everyone is different, so a one size fits all approach doesn’t work.


Hemp fiber is a fantastic alternative to cotton as it does not require as much irrigation and is pest resistant, requiring little to no pesticides or other harmful agents. As irrigation issues in the Murray River and Darling Basin continue to be sources of pain and loss for Australian farmers and their families, it’s up to all of us to find alternatives to problematic fibers such as cotton.


Exposed Natural Fibers


Inspired by Locus Skateboards