Sturdy Stool Concept

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stackable stool.jpg

Inspired by International Themes

The brief for this stool involved a sturdy stackable design which fit the context of a night market which celebrates a melting pot of cultures. We wanted to create something playful that patrons across cultures felt they could relate to.

Exploded Stool.jpg

Playful Design

The idea for the stool concept originated through a research meeting where we took a deep dive into cultural research based on the area the night market is held. The area is well known as a hub for newly emigrated Australians so it was important to include this in the ideation process.

Stool Render.jpg

Folded Features

The stool fits together in three pieces and can be powder coated to symbolise the flags of the world. The design was forged with sustainability in mind, so the three pieces are CNC’d with minimal waste.